Our Story

We are Digistorm

From designing the first school app in Australia, to building industry-leading products for schools around the world, here's our story.

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Where we started

Digistorm was founded in 2011 with a three person team, a few computers and some big ideas to solve problems for schools.

After launching the first Australian school app in 2012, Digistorm now develops custom apps, websites, and enrolment management systems for K-12 schools around the world.

It's our mission to create the best products that solve complex problems and bring tech full circle for schools just like yours.

Our values

These are the core values that drive the Digistorm team

01. Committed

We take our work and our team seriously

The success of Digistorm depends on a team that is committed to our clients, committed to improving the education industry, and committed to each other. Our team act with kindness, compassion, and respect, no matter who we’re speaking to, and we give 100% to deliver the best quality work we can.

Value 01 Value 01
02. Fun

But, we don’t take ourselves too seriously

We believe work is only work if you make it so. Our team brings fun and enjoyment to the workplace by pursuing projects we find exciting and interesting, by maintaining a friendly and relaxed office, and by providing great perks (free snacks anyone?).

Value 02 Value 02
03. Competitive

Play fair, play hard, play to win

While we maintain a relaxed and friendly work environment, we're a results-driven company, dedicated to staying one step ahead of the competition. Our company has achieved great things with few people because we take full ownership of our projects and don’t wait for guidance.

Value 03 v2 Value 03 v2

We’re on a mission to create the best products that solve complex problems for schools around the world.

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Digistorm Team

Allow us to introduce ourselves

We're a diverse bunch, but share core values and a passion for creating the best work we can for our schools.


Meet our management team


Tim Oswald 🇦🇺

VP of Product Management

Tim lives for the excitement of building our business (he started it!), but we suspect skiing and eating in Japan comes in a close second. We've got a lot to thank Tim for, not least of all the abundant snack bar in our office HQ!

Chris Lang

Chris Lang 🇳🇿

Head of Sales - APAC

Chris leads our sales teams with almost as much vigour and enthusiasm as his passion for the golf course. But weekends spent on the green are few and far between now that he’s totally devoted to being a dad.


Annelies Groeneveld 🇧🇪

Lead Product Designer

A fan of tiny details and pushing pixels around, Annelies is our AI and design system enthusiast. When she's not busy perfecting user-centric design across our product suite, she's likely to be busy tinkering in her home vegetable patch.


Clay Papillon 🇨🇦

Director, Customer Experience

Clay manages our Australian post-sales teams but to us he’s the man with the mysterious moustache who frequently holds a bow and arrow. Strike up a convo with him about (ice) hockey or stock broking and you can’t go wrong.


Amy Waddell 🇦🇺

Lead Designer, Websites

Amy is best known as the host of our much-loved website design workshops. Behind the scenes, she's so much more than her top-notch design skills. Least of all, a founding member of the Digirun Club!


Jamie Giblett 🇦🇺

Growth AE Team Lead - USA

When he’s not running our USA operations, Jamie tries his luck on the Colorado ski slopes (with mixed success). We’ll forgive you for mistaking him for British royalty when donning a woollen turtle-neck skivvy.


Gustavo Morao 🇻🇪

Senior Director, Product Engineering

Gus loves tech, coding and surfing so much, he sometimes even dreams about coding while surfing! As our in-house meme model and very own salsa dancer, we turn to Gus for much more than just his technical expertise.

Timo New2022

Timo Nieuwoudt 🇿🇦

Head of Marketing - APAC

Although all things brand is his professional passion, Timo’s cringe-worthy celebrity encounters are what he’s best known for. Everyone’s favourite office dad, this guy is our go-to for problems solved.


Hebe Daly 🇳🇿

HR Generalist

With HR experience across five industries, Hebe is no newbie to helping people in the workplace. Outside Digistorm, you can catch her learning how to surf and hanging with her Bernese Mountain dog, Archie.


Ben Hare 🇦🇺

Product Manager

Our top dog for all things Funnel and App, Benny's love for tech is matched only by his love for surfing, sprinting, and spending time with his family. He's also a presenter at many of our community workshops—go say hi!


Sam Hunt 🇦🇺

Manager, Implementation Delivery Team

Sam was a Digistorm fan long before she joined us, working at a school using all three Digistorm products! Beyond school tech, Sam's an avid reader, live music lover, Repair Cafe volunteer and a Mum.


Michael Langford 🇦🇺

Funnel Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Heading up our busy Funnel team is tech mentor Michael. Outside of work, you can find an 8-year stint in Tokyo in Michael's history, but these days, he's content on the GC, surfing and coaching his son's football team.


Ricardo Vassellini 🇻🇪

Apps Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Through his commitment to fitness and advanced tech in apps, Ricardo inspires the entire office. Transitioning from a social enterprise, he sees Digistorm as a channel to assist adults in supporting kids through tech.


Antonio Jhun 🇰🇷

Web Development Team Lead

As our skilled website lead, Antonio helps his team create school websites that are equal parts beautiful, secure and easy to use. South Korea, NZ and Tasmania are just some of the places that led him to us.

60+ employees

We have 60+ incredible employees across Australia and the USA.

20 nationalities

Our diverse team is made up of employees from around the globe.

2 offices

From the surf to the slopes, our offices have nature on their doorstep.


Want to be a part of our journey?

Our talented team is the secret to our success. If you're considering your next role, see what it's like to work with us!

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