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A tool to empower the wellbeing of your students

Ready to take the next step in your school's dedication to a holistic education? Enter Epraise. A simple-to-use tool that enables communication, promotes positive behaviour and creates reliable and secure wellness data.

Feel confident in your school’s approach to mental health management and wellness support, providing peace of mind for your parents and community.

Epraise U Is

Encourage student reporting

Through a safe, digital platform, students are empowered to report mental and emotional wellbeing concerns related to themselves or their peers. With the pressure of initiating a face-to-face discussion removed, schools know more, meaning risks are monitored and intervention is quick.


Equalise behavioural reporting

Negative behaviours are quickly and frequently reported on, but positive behaviour isn't often encouraged with an update to the home. With Epraise, reporting becomes a balance of good and constructive. This means more positive interactions and improved self-worth in students!


Create reliable wellness data

Thanks to Epraise, communication around wellbeing and behaviour is quick, simple, secure and well-tracked. This allows your school the chance to identify trends and take informed steps to fix problems before they escalate, all whilst avoiding insecure and unregulated methods of sharing information.

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What schools have to say about Epraise

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"Epraise has helped our school raise aspiration and celebrate student success and organise our students!"
Associate Deputy Headteacher
Copthall School
Schools putting their student wellness on top with Epraise

See Epraise in action

Prioritise tracking the mental and emotional wellbeing of your students. Request a demo of Epraise to explore the benefits of a robust solution for your school.

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