Digistorm Apps + TASS

A school app without limitations for TASS schools

Parent Lounge and plenty more—right there in a single platform in the palm of their hand.


Centralised information

Centralise all the information your parents and community need from various sources—think TASS modules like ediary, absentee forms and tours and excursions, as well as premium integrations like Clipboard and Schoolbox, plus handy links like social media and tuckshop ordering!


Single sign-on

Parents can use the same credentials to log into the Digistorm App that they use to sign into TASS. This means less confusion and more accessibility through your school app.


Targeted push notifications

The Digistorm App integrated with TASS allows schools to send urgent push notifications directly to parents through the dedicated alerts module.

Customer Quote

What our schools have to say about the integration

"We have so much going on on any given day, even the weekends. So it’s really important that we can get communication out in real time. We’ve had our Digistorm App since 2013, and since its inception it’s been integrated with TASS. It’s enabled us to be very flexible with what we can make available and we’ve really been able to customise in response to the changing needs of our parents and wider community."
Tammy Wilson
Director of Advancement
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