Communication During COVID-19

Communication During COVID-19

The team at Digistorm has created a resource that can help your school manage communication during the Coronavirus outbreak. Learn More


At Digistorm, we understand that you need a range of powerful K-12 school software to reach all of your school’s objectives.

That’s why we’ve worked with some leading school software providers to create clever connections with our range of products. Learn more about our range of product integrations, or get in touch to discuss a new one.

Connections By Product

Our range of product offers a very specific range of benefits to K-12 schools. Here’s how each Digistorm product, from our parent communication app to our school websites can connect with leading K-12 school systems as well as smaller systems that enhance the Digistorm product.

eduAPP Integrations

The eduAPP parent communication app is a powerful way to keep parents informed and to distribute important information. Product integrations with the eduAPP school app allow schools to enhance the features of, and the way in which their eduAPP is used.


Our custom integration between the eduAPP and the Schoolbox system allows Schoolbox schools to access the modules that are important to them from a customised and clever school app.


We’ve worked with TASS as their first certified API developers to create the TASS Parent Module within the Digistorm eduAPP. TASS schools can offer parents the features that they need within a customised school app product.


The eduAPP for Edumate offers every important Edumate feature within the eduAPP school app product, in addition to the modules designed by Digistorm.


Edsmart schools can now offer their form products to students and parents through the Digistorm eduAPP product. This custom integration offers key Edsmart features in addition to important school app modules.

Enrol Integrations

We’ve worked with leading School Management Systems to create custom connections with ENROL. Once you’ve collected online enrolments through the ENROL system, our integrations will allow you to transfer data quickly and easily to your school’s system.

Payment Solutions

One of the key benefits of the ENROL online enrolment system is your school’s ability to collect enrolment or application fees online. Schools can quickly and easily collect payments using the Stripe solution or our integrations with major banks.

eduSITE Integrations

There are a number of ways in which we can integrate your school’s responsive, customised school website with other software systems. From form data moving seamlessly to your CRM system to the implementation of various plug-ins and more, Digistorm’s eduSITE product is flexible and capable of clever product integrations.

Funnel Integrations

Digistorm’s customer relationship management tool, Funnel continues to be developed, focusing on nurturing relationships with prospective parents. Ensure that all of the data you capture on your school website or other forms enters your Funnel CRM seamlessly with custom product integrations offered by Digistorm.

Enhance Your Productivity.

Some of our system integrations offer benefits to your school that improve and increase productivity using simple connections. Our range of integrations with common organisational, marketing and social media systems allow schools to enhance Digistorm products and improve their outputs.

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