Communication During COVID-19

Communication During COVID-19

The team at Digistorm has created a resource that can help your school manage communication during the Coronavirus outbreak. Learn More

Our custom integration with Clipboard allows for targeted extracurricular activities and events to be seamlessly delivered to your school community through the Digistorm App.

Digistorm App 
for Clipboard

Clipboard has created a school EMS (Extracurricular Management System) that eliminates the need for paper, spreadsheets 
and SIS modules by providing schools with 
an all-in-one administration solution.

Streamline Personalised Extra-Curricular Schedules 

Your students personalised extracurricular schedules can now flow from the Clipboard EMS through to the Digistorm App. This will help streamline processes as parents and students can access the schedules from their mobile devices to view up to date session details for training sessions, sports fixtures and lessons. 

Communicate Sports Results and Track Teams 

Provide sports results, track attendance, manage teams and post detailed performance insights and reports with the Digistorm and Clipboard integration. 

Sports achievements can easily be shared and celebrated with your school community straight through the App. 

Personalised, Automated Notifications With Every Update

The Digistorm App for Clipboard allows for push notifications to be instantly sent out with every update that is made to a calendar item. These notifications are personalised with the student’s information, updating parents and students on cancellations, key updates or changes. That means less time spent on writing and posting push notifications and more time focusing on students and their needs.

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