Communication During COVID-19

Communication During COVID-19

The team at Digistorm has created a resource that can help your school manage communication during the Coronavirus outbreak. Learn More


We start by getting an understanding of your school’s communication goals in order to build your perfect school app. With a range of flexible modules, we ensure that your parent communication app offers all of the features that are important to your school. We know that every school is different, so we create your school app based purely on your school’s needs.

Simple Content Management

Parent communication apps are a great way to communicate information quickly and easily. With your eduAPP, you’ll have the ability to quickly and easily manage your eduAPP’s content and communications through a simple content management system. We provide your school with the training you need for our user-friendly system.

Seamless Integrations

With the ability to integrate with leading school systems and programs, we can ensure that your eduAPP is connected with your existing communications. We know that K-12 schools need a range of software systems to operate, so we create customised connections between our school apps and the systems that are important to your school.



Customised school app modules.

We’ve built a range of school app modules to help schools reach their communication and engagement goals. Include only the modules that your school needs and select from a broad range designed to cover all of the key aspects of an effective parent communication app.

Start with our range of standard eduAPP modules for effective communication with your school community. Offer a powerful parent communication app with modules that are designed to keep your school connected and informed.

Add to your suite of standard modules and enhance your school’s eduAPP with premium modules for specialised communication. Take your parent communication app to the next level with our unique range of premium modules.

We are committed to helping schools reach their communication goals, so ask us about custom module development. Every school is unique, as are their needs, so tell us about your objectives and let us customise a module for your school.

With a strong focus on development and growth, we are constantly improving and refining our products. Digistorm eduAPP customers will have access to ongoing future changes to app modules that are available in regular updates.

Standard Modules

Premium Modules

Don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve developed school app solutions for a range of schools across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Here’s what some of our schools think of their customised eduAPP school app solution.

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Update your school app in a matter of seconds.

Manage the content on your eduAPP using a simple system on your desktop or mobile. Every eduAPP is managed through a user-friendly content management system, meaning that updates to your parent communication app are quick and easy. You’ll also be able to view reports, make updates or send push notifications quickly and simply through your content management system.


Data on the downloads and use of your school app are important. Using the Digistorm eduAPP content management system, you can understand your community's engagement with your school app. View downloads by device and receive direct feedback from your community for a clear and holistic view of your school app’s success.

Content Updates

Through your content management system, you can add Notices, upload Newsletters, update your Calendar and more. Schools can make updates to the information on their school app without any coding knowledge. Updates are instant and easy to manage, with just a few clicks to send them directly to your school app and to the parent.

Push Notifications

The information that your school has to share is important, and can sometimes be urgent. Increase the impact of your update with an instant push notification, sent directly from your content management system. To make sure your message reaches the right members of your school community, you can target your message.

Clever integrations.

We believe that clever integrations make it easier for our schools to provide their communities with a strong communication solution using their parent communication app. We offer integrations between our eduAPP school app product and leading school systems and programs so that you receive the best possible software solution for your school.

System Integrated eduAPPs

Do you have software systems that are key to your school’s operations? Let us create a mobile extension of your existing platforms with our system specific integrations through our eduAPP school app solution.

Our kick-start for school apps in Australia

Back in 2012, we used our industry knowledge and technical skill to develop the first school app in Australia, allowing us to gain a better understanding of the software needs of K-12 schools. Over the years, our school apps in Australia have continued to be developed and improved, now serving K-12 schools internationally.

Learn more about our story.

eduAPP is for everyone.

Our school app is designed with your entire school community in mind. While the modules available create a comprehensive parent communication app, eduAPP also offers benefits for both schools and students.


eduAPP offers a parent communication app solution that keeps parents informed of the happenings in their child's schooling life.


eduAPP allows schools to send parent communications via their school app simply and easily, using a user-friendly system.


Students are saved the responsibility of bringing home communications for their parents due to their school app, allowing them to focus on their education.

The Hillbrook app allows us to be better connected with our school community.

Families can subscribe to receive notifications that are timely and relevant to them. We pull our newsletter and event information from our website, so there is a consistent source of information across our communication platforms. The Digistorm team have been friendly and accommodating from development, through to implementation and technical support. Most importantly, we have received a positive response! We continue to see user numbers rise as more families realise the benefits of having useful information at their fingertips.

Melanie Cooke, Consultant

Hillbrook Anglican School

Most people working in education would agree that keeping things simple and reducing work is the key to adopting platforms.

Digistorm’s willingness to integrate features of our student management system, TASS, significantly reduces rework as information flows easily from our public calendars to our app and websites, saving our administration teams significant rework compared to multiple online calendar systems. We’ve greatly appreciated the team at Digistorm’s willingness to work closely with us to deliver the outcomes we were looking for across many projects.

Daniel Pillar, Marketing and Development Manager


Our app allows us to be connected with our school community 100% of the time.

The push notification feature is really handy because it allows us to get urgent information to the right parents quickly and easily.

Zoe Morgan, Dean of Communication

St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace

Our school community is able to receive up to date information immediately.

The app has enabled our Sports Departments in Junior, Middle and Senior Schools to communicate easily and instantly with students and their families about upcoming activities and major sporting events, as well as cancellation of events and late departures/arrivals from events. The app is very easy to use from an administrative perspective and we love how we can generate notices from our mobile devices while on the road travelling with sports teams.

Jill, Head of Sport

St Hilda's School

It is easy to manage and strongly reflects the design of our new website.

Our school app has given our parents and students the opportunity to become far more connected with the School, providing a go-to point and allowing them to easily find the information they need. The development of the App was efficient, with the Digistorm team using their expertise to foresee any issues and offer their best solutions.

Megan Gerlieb, Communications Manager

Toorak College

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