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Enabling school enrollment growth with Funnel

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Starting as a small Lutheran college in 1895, Immanuel College has grown into one of Adelaide’s premier private schools, marking 125 years of education in 2020. The college is a co-educational boarding school with approximately 1800 students and a strong international program.

Steve Blight is the Director of Community Relations and Development at Immanuel College. Working within an integrated role, Steve looks after several key areas, including marketing, enrollment, engagement, alumni, and the college’s internal program. In this case study, Steve describes his experience in moving from a completely paper-based enrollments process to Digistorm’s school CRM, Funnel.

Switching from paper to digital

Before Funnel, Steve says that Immanuel College was reliant on paper for managing the enrollment process. Although an internal database was available, it couldn’t deliver the needed capabilities to efficiently track and manage new enquiries from prospective families or deliver advanced reporting and analytics. As a prestigious school of its size, Steve knew there was a need to change and find a solution to enable Immanuel College to grow and thrive well into the future. Enter Funnel.

“We wanted to move to a paperless process, right from enquiry through to enrollment. We were also looking for solid reporting on our numbers. We found that Funnel provided a flexible solution that would allow us to ultimately drive our customer relationship management.”

Game-changing features

Steve says Funnel is now used every hour of every day, and across multiple teams in the school. He notes some most-loved features, such as reports, integrated forms, and automations. For example, Funnel's reporting now allows Steve and his team to deep-dive into the numbers, understand lead conversion rates, and better understand where leads might be dropping off within the college’s enrollment pipeline. After discovering Funnel automations, Steve says this feature could change the way schools manage their enrollment processes.

“I think it’s a real game-changer for the overall enrollments process. From as simple as being able to automate birthday wishes to a future student, right through to sending an internal email when an application fee has been paid, or for re-engaging families.”

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