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Create highly personalized family communications

Nurture leads and create more meaningful interactions with 
our all-in-one school admissions solution, Funnel.

Funnel Hero 6

Drag-and-drop editor

Our simple drag-and-drop email campaign editor makes crafting engaging content for your audience a breeze. Customize your message with buttons, text blocks, images, email signatures, and more!

Comms Feature 1 Comms Feature 1

Save email templates

Need to send similar content, regularly? Save time and resources when sending family communications by creating email templates for high-frequency content.

Comms Feature 2 US Comms Feature 2 US

Personalize at scale

Create highly personalized email communication that boosts audience engagement with our dynamic personalization tokens.

Comms Feature 3 US Comms Feature 3 US

Test and schedule

Make sure your content is polished before hitting the send button with test emails. Not ready to send your email just yet? Schedule your communication for a future date with the click of a button.

Comms Feature 4 Comms Feature 4

View key insights

Improve your email marketing efforts with key data insights on open rates, clicks, deliverability, subscribers, and more! Use this information to enhance the way you communicate with your audience.

Comms Feature 5 Comms Feature 5

Track lead activities

All communications are automatically tracked on a lead’s activity timeline, keeping you up to date at a glance.

Comms Feature 6 Comms Feature 6

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